Need Custom Research Chemicals Fast? Contact MTTI!

Clients use MTTI to:

  • Augment limited in-house synthetic capacity
  • Leverage in-house chemistry time
  • Add specialized expertise in the synthesis of fluorochromes, heterocyclics, research chemicals, bioconjugates and lipophilic probes

MTTI Services Include:

Custom Organic Synthesis (mg – kg quantities)

  • Specialty research chemicals, including bioconjugates
  • Chemical intermediates
  • Fine chemicals
  • Other compounds with established synthetic routes (literature-based or client-developed)

Contract Chemical Research:

  • Evaluation and testing optimization of published synthetic routes for your compound of interest
  • Development/testing of synthetic routes for
    • structural analogs of an existing compound
    • novel chemical entities
    • scale-up from milligram to kilogram quantities
  • Design and synthesis of hypothesis testing molecules for feasibility studies

Analytical Chemistry:

  • HPLC and TLC methods development
  • Stability studies
  • UV/VIS and Fluorescence Spectral Analysis

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