CyAL-5 Fluorescent Dye

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CyAL-5 Fluorescent Dye
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    CyAL-5 is a monofunctional cyanine dye containing a free carboxylic acid group for conjugation with targeting agents containing a free amine group; use for in vivo and in vitro imaging applications

    Excellent water solubility.
    Similar ex and em properties to Cy5 and Alexa fluor 647.
    Bright fluorescence emission in the near infrared range.
    Enhanced photostability cf cy5 and cy5.5.
    Useful for a variety of biochemical and in vivo imaging applications.
    Very cost effective; allowing scale-up and use in multistep organic synthesis schemes.
    Compatible with common filter sets used for imaging.
    Activated with standard reagents (e.g. HBTU, DSC) for coupling to amines.

    CyAL-5 is sold under license from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital
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