CellVue® Burgundy

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CellVue® Burgundy
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    The CellVue Burgundy Fluorescent Cell Linker Kit contains a 1mM dye stock solution and cell labeling diluent. Dye fluorescence properties: Ex max =683nm and Em max =707nm. Provides stable labeling of the lipid regions of cell membranes. Click here for video on how to use CellVue®

    CellVue® is a trademark of PTI Research Inc. used under license. CellVue® products are sold under sublicense from PTI Research, Inc. US Patent Numbers 5,665,328 and 8,029,767 B2.

    Available in 3 sizes:
    - Mini: 0.1mL dye + 10mL diluent
    - Midi: 0.2mL dye + 60mL diluent
    - Maxi: 0.5mL dye + 60mL diluent

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